How to choose an office conference table?

Office conference table, now is a more commonly used modern office supplies, I believe many people are not strange. Every office has a seat at a conference table, but have you ever seen what it's based on? How to choose a conference table correctly becomes a problem that cannot be ignored. What hot issues should be paid attention to when choosing a meeting table? How to choose a meeting table suitable for your company? Let's find out.

1.Clear positioning

We should choose the corresponding conference table according to the positioning of the enterprise. If the company is a large enterprise or has strong strength, it is natural to choose high-end office conference table. If the company is small in scale and limited in economic strength, it is more appropriate to choose medium and low grade board-type conference table or steel-wood conference table that is not so expensive.

2.Understand the function

The role of the conference table today is not simply to gather people for meetings, place items, or take notes, but also to negotiate or negotiate, or to share more everyday things. As well as the development of Internet in modern society, the office conference table should also have network function, so the design of power supply and network cable box of the office conference table is essential. If the table is only used for daily internal meetings, choose a long or oval table, or a round table is more appropriate if it is used for small meetings of several people.

3.Size determination

The size of the office meeting table should be determined according to the size of the meeting room and the number of participants. The conference room area is large, the conference table with larger size can be customized, which makes use of the space and highlights the atmosphere of the conference room. If the office meeting room space is relatively small, then you can appropriately choose a smaller conference table, can be more reasonable to use the meeting room space.

4.Select the shape

Meeting tables come in many shapes and serve as a yardstick to test your understanding of workplace situations, as well as a stage for antagonism and cooperation. The most common office and conference tables are rectangle and circle, among which rectangle is the shape that most enterprises choose. In a long table meeting with two parties, the host usually sits on the right side and the guest on the left side.
If there is a hierarchy among participants, be sure to arrange for the leader or guest of honor to sit on the short side of the rectangle, closer to the inside, as a sign of respect. On the other hand, a round office meeting table can increase goodwill and trust due to face-to-face communication. But it is generally not suitable for serious business negotiations.

5.Determine the material

The general materials of the office conference table are: solid wood, plate, steel and wood combined conference table. The high-end office conference table is usually made of solid wood or paint, the middle and low-end table is usually board table, and the low end is steel conference table.
Mesa general material with fiberboard, wood, wood veneer and other thickening processing, we should pay attention to do mesa wood file to many points dense point good, because the mesa is sealed, inside the wood file is not visible, can be knocked and weight estimation, if the amount is large should go to office furniture manufacturers to investigate; Stick veneer note that the surface veneer is machine pressure effect is better, veneer sealing edge should be natural tight transition.



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