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Furniture configuration is appropriate, can have the adornment effect of icing on the cake to interior space.

Therefore, when choosing the office meeting room table, we must start from the overall effect of the interior space, from the work style and preferences, combined with the color, shape and style characteristics of the furniture, and correctly deal with the relationship between the furniture and the space, so as to obtain the harmonious, unified and mutually beneficial interior decoration

1. Determine the size of the office meeting room table according to the arrangement

Pay attention to the reservation of activity space, the reasonable proportion of office meeting room table and space, is the key to the coordination of the whole space. Therefore, before purchasing an office meeting room table, first of all, confirm the size of furniture one by one according to the location in the space. Otherwise, if the size is not appropriate, it will greatly affect the placement effect.

2.Grasp space rhythm and balance

Each piece of furniture has its own different sense of weight and height, so in any case, we should pay attention to the size of each other and the arrangement. If the size, height and space volume of the furniture placed together are too different, it will definitely produce the visual effect of head heavy and feet light or left big and right small.

3. Highlight the placement of central furniture

To avoid too much space focus, first of all, the office meeting room table should be determined according to the indoor functional area, and create a space atmosphere with this as the center. But do not create too much focus, so as not to rob the style of the office meeting room table, so that space completely loses the center of gravity, visual blur, chaos.

4. office meeting room table modeling and decoration coordination

The decoration style to determine the style of the office meeting room table, is usually the only way to choose an office meeting room table. As the soft decoration is after the hard decoration, the style of furniture should not only conform to the space style, but also the modeling characteristics.

Pay attention to the use function of the office meeting room table

Facts have proved that the more modern things are, the more likely they are to be out of date. Furniture is the same. Because the cultural appeal of traditional furniture will last forever and have value, therefore, we suggest not to blindly pursue the trend style, but ignore the practicality and cultural connotation of furniture.

Don't pile up too many decorations in the office, it's easy to give people a visual impact. The office wants to look spacious. Try to use simple and rhythmic colors. The general office meeting room table will choose light color system collocation, so as to give people a spacious, bright, fresh and pleasant visual experience. There are several color collocations that can greatly improve the visual effect, but try not to exceed 3 colors. More colors will make people feel confused and upset.


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