The basic structure and function of auditorium chair (theater chair) part II

The auditorium stands on its feet

There are two kinds of landing: one-legged landing (one-legged landing) and armrest landing (feet directly connected with armrest).
The seat with one foot on the ground supports the center point of the seat. In addition to its aesthetic appearance, it is also convenient to use the foot of the chair to connect with other facilities of the environment, such as air vents and power interfaces. Because of the relatively complex connection mode of th
 auditorium-chair e sole, the cost of the sole mechanism is increased accordingly.

Handrail station foot landing way, solid, reliable, easy to fix and install, handrail and station foot combined, simple structure.
The feet form the base of the auditorium chairs, which are normally anchored directly to the ground by anchors.

Armrest of auditorium chairs

The armrest of the auditorium chair is the basic supporting part of the entire seat, and the main parts of the seat are connected with the armrest.

Structure of handrail:
Metal frame: The skeleton of the armrest, and basically the supporting connector for the entire auditorium chair.
Handleboard: Made of wood or other materials such as plastic,
Clipboard mechanism: The armrests of the auditorium chairs can be fitted with a clipboard mechanism for meeting minutes.

The chair bag in the auditorium

It is generally composed of fabric, sponge, inner frame, rotating mechanism and outer plate.
Fabric: Generally made of lint, velveteen or car velveteen. Some also use genuine leather, imitation leather to make fabric and so on.
Sponge pad: made of PU (polyurethane) foam, the density of 40 ~ 60Kg/M3 is suitable.
Internal frame: according to different designs, the simple structure is made of curved wood splint and plastic board, and the advanced seat is made of spring metal frame and plastic inner shell.

Rotating mechanism: it is divided into gravity recovery mechanism and spring recovery mechanism. Gravity recovery mechanism is simple and reliable without maintenance, and is often equipped with rubber sound elimination pad to eliminate the impact and noise during recovery. The use of spring recovery can make the volume of the recovery mechanism smaller, flexible structure design, coupled with the damping device can make the recovery movement under control, the movement becomes slow, completely eliminate the impact and noise; Another European patented technology from France -- pneumatic reply has been introduced into the Chinese market. This starter makes the seat cushion of the chair not make any disturbing sound during the process of lifting and restoring. It is light, elegant, safe, firm, and a hidden device, which does not affect the appearance of the seat.
Exterior panel: it can be made of wood, plastic or other materials according to the design requirements. Its main function is to decorate and connect with the recovery mechanism.

Seat backs in the auditorium

It is generally composed of fabric, sponge, lining board and outer board.
Fabric: Generally made of lint, velveteen or car velveteen. Some also use genuine leather, imitation leather to make fabrics.
Sponge pad: made of PU (polyurethane) foam, the density of 35 ~ 50Kg/M3 is suitable.
In addition, there are a number of accessories to choose from. The functions and features are as follows:

Chair tablet in the auditorium

The clipboard is an accessory designed for the chair used for meetings or lectures, making it easy to take notes and place documents and books during meetings or classes. There are two kinds of plain outfit and hidden type commonly.

The chair cup holder in the auditorium

The cup holder is divided into two kinds: the armrest cup holder and the external cup holder. The armrest cup holder is mainly used in cinemas and places where it is often necessary to use. Most handrail cup holders are designed to be integrated with the handrail.
The external cup holder is mainly used for meetings, classes and other places, only when necessary. There are two kinds of external cup holder: front cup holder and rear cup holder



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