Health and fashion station office desk

Office desks are selling like freshly baked cakes in the U.S. as a way to offset the impact of a real, fresh cake on the nation's waistline. Also popular are "elevating desks," which cater to both standing and seated offices.

Diseases of the waist and cervical spine have become the occupational diseases of white-collar workers who use computers for a long time. In the MAJOR IT companies in Silicon Valley of the United States, work stress and overtime work are more common. To create opportunities for employees to be more active, a "stand-up" trend started at Facebook is sweeping across Silicon Valley.

The result has been a new type of standing desk, which is slightly higher

than the waist, while computer monitors are raised to face height to keep the eyes and screen in parallel, effectively reducing neck damage.

Standing desks have become increasingly popular among companies around Silicon Valley, with more than 10 percent of Facebook's 2,000 employees using them.

Google spokesman Jordan Newman announced the inclusion of the desk in the company's healthcare plan, a move welcomed by staff.



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