5 steps to create a healthy desk, away from static electricity

Office workers spend 1/3 of their time working in front of the desk every day. The environmental hygiene of this small world is closely related to our health! I cleaned the work table first thing this morning. Five steps to create a clean and healthy working environment, away from dust and static electricity.

Step 1: Clean the desktop

When work gets busy, how do you have time to clean? But the pile of papers grew into a mountain. You know what? The harm is much bigger than you think! Sort through the mountains of papers and put them in cabinets and boxes. A computer monitor on has a strong electrostatic field, which attracts air containing a lot of dust, aerosol particles, and paper is a place for dirt, making your desk a dust shelter. Working in a high-concentration dust environment can cause serious damage to your skin and respiratory system.

Step 2: cleaning the computer

After cleaning your desk, give your computer a shower. The dust that your computer screen absorbs is the highest concentration of dust in a small office environment. Be sure to use a special cloth to clean the computer screen every day to wipe the screen, in order to prevent dirty things accumulate thick; The "care" of the keyboard is also very important. The uneven keyboard is easy to hide dirt and dirt. Every day, fingers will dance on it, and I don't know how many bacteria will be glued on it. Therefore, when not in use, the application of cloth will cover the keyboard, every day before use to use disinfection paper towels to clean, it is best not to eat snacks while working, this is really not sanitary!

Step 3: Give the little plants on the table a bath

For good mood and radiation protection, we often keep a pot of cactus on our desk. To ensure maximum effectiveness of the cactus, it is best to bathe her regularly. Cactus is very drought resistant, so do not use a lot of water directly to the pot flush, it is best to put the pot horizontal, with a small water rinse needle and bulb, pay attention to do not let the water flow into the pot, otherwise it is easy to rot the roots

Step 4:  Leave the computer when it starts up

When the computer is turned on, the electrostatic field is the strongest and the dust absorbed is the most. Static electricity absorbs a large number of dust to fall on the skin, clogging pores, pores for breathing will compensate for the increase, we can see that the result is that the pores are bigger and bigger, the skin is more and more rough. So while the computer is on, it's best to leave your seat and go to the bathroom to wash your face or hands or make yourself a cup of fresh green tea. After using computer 2-3 hours, had better also go to make up a facial cleaning processing to oneself, adhere to do so to be able to reduce computer to the damage of skin 70% allegedly!

Step 5: Adjust seat height

Be sure to adjust the height of your seat and the slope of your monitor before you start working. After all, you will be sitting in one position for a long time. When seated, the height of the keyboard and mouse on the desk should be lower than elbow height to prevent the occurrence of carpal tunnel syndrome. When the feet are flat on the ground under the table, the knees should form a right Angle, and remember not to cross your legs, which is very heavy to the injury and compression of the spine.



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