Conference table selection skills

Conference table selection is very important in office space planning. A typical office enterprise has thousands of employees and dozens of office buildings. In such a large office space, it is very important to choose different conference tables, which are suitable for different use functions.

What aspects should be paid attention to in the selection of conference table? In the process of serving many customers, we summarize the following points:

First, to do a good job of space planning, must be clear about the specific use requirements undertaken by the conference table. Office space design requires flexibility, communication, and non-repression in order to boost morale and productivity. The conference table is used for formal communication within the organization, learning and communication with the outside world. In the design of office space, we should pay attention to the planning of meeting space. Only by doing a good job in the planning of the conference space can the conference table be selected in place.

Second, look at the functions of the conference table to achieve various communication needs. With the rapid development of modern office furniture, it is no longer so common and simple as a table. Conference tables with sockets and data cables are standard. Video conferencing systems, etc., can also be considered.


Third, see table style, modern office furniture, style diversity, modern wind mainstream style, classic style and traditional style, is one of the main places of company to communicate with external table, choose a conform to the conference table, the corporate culture can enhance the cognition of customers for us, promote trust, deepen the impression, promote cooperation. So, the style of the conference table is also very important.


Fourth, look at the details. Conference tables have a variety of materials, but also have complex technology, the product is done well, all depends on the details. The so-called details determine success or failure, the details of the product including whether the function can be realized, whether the texture is smooth, whether the structure is stable, whether the vision is beautiful and so on.


Of course, in the end, the conference table is a real product, and it is also important to choose a good supplier, but how to judge a qualified supplier, that is another question.



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