The "Big Home"

According to the statistics of authoritative organizations, the market size of China's office furniture brand exceeds one trillion yuan, ranking first in the world. Although the share of custom office furniture accounted for only 10% of the overall office furniture market in 2015, the market size of this 100 billion yuan may become another booming industry in the furniture market. At present, the main customization is integrated home, which is also the so-called "big home" concept. In addition to providing regular products, the office furniture network has also extended the direction of custom cloakrooms, storage cabinets and accessories, while building materials companies seem to be more inclined to propose the concept of whole house customization, not only providing traditional doors, wardrobes, stairs, floors. The idea of ​​deepening into office furniture is especially concentrated in the solid wood office furniture network.

Customization satisfies the difference between the space difference between office furniture and the user's individual needs, and is becoming a symbol of honor because it is more suitable. In the past, many people thought that only those who have money can use this kind of "small pot stove". This situation is changing, especially as more and more people join the office after 90, the personalized needs become the decoration. The first appeal. Customized office furniture has become a favorite of young people who focus on quality and style. Its important characteristics are its sensitivity to price and design.

“Terminal forward” and “diversity alliance” have always been effective means of marketing some office furniture showrooms. Customization has become a major trend and is consistent with the international situation. Of course, there are different voices for customization. Some people think that customization is not suitable for large-scale mechanized production, and there may be such problems in customization. It is difficult to customize the reliable office furniture brand, but some people think that Customized standardization and increased branding of office furniture are not a problem.

On the other hand, we also see that the custom-made road of production companies is not a good one. Ordinary enterprises transform custom enterprises or add customized projects, and need to strengthen the customization of professional teams (including production, design, measurement, consulting, etc.) And strengthen professional team awareness. The team's experience and combat effectiveness determine the development of custom companies, each of which varies from person to person.



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