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Modern Workstation Desk with drawer RD-6230

Item No.: RD-6230


Technical  Specification 
1.Desk screen:Metal sheet with powder coated finishing. Can be painted in different color.
2.Top and mobile cabinet, E1 standard MDF or particle board as base material, surface with melamine finishing. With the feature of bending resistance, inflexible, water absorption etc.
3.Each seat with 1 mobile cabinet (cushion on top) and 1 lower cabinet.
4.Steel powder coated frame with wire tray.,
Desk 4200*600*750-1100H / lower cabinet 1600*400*650H/ mobile cabinet 400*420*650H
CKD (completely knocked down), 5 layers strong standard export packing carton,.

thick pearl cotton & polyfoam bubble wrap between every board, 2mm polyfoam corner protect to protect the corner for 4 sides.

A Shisheng workstation desk is designed to provide all the convenience of traditional computer furniture with the accessibility of modular furniture. With a multitude of options in color, style, and price, a workstation desk can easily become a piece of furniture in your studio. One of the best features of this type of desk is the keyboard shelf, which allows users to conveniently store their keyboard when not in use. In addition to the standard modular workstation desk arrangements, many models also include a keyboard shelf that can be used to store other items, such as paper or other media.


Every Shisheng Workstation Desk includes quick, easy adjustments with just the simple push of a button. No longer adjusting a workstation chair from sitting down (and vice-versa) can be so easy. The majority of modern workstations are equipped with easily adjustable chairs which include seat, back, slant, and height. Additionally, most feature glide-system mobility that allows for easy movement between workstation and chairs. If a client has a physical limitation or disability, having the ability to move from one workstation to another seamlessly is crucial to their productivity.


Additional features available on a Shisheng workstation desk include overhead storage for CDs and other data storage, drawers, shelves, and more. Some even include hidden compartments, lockable drawers, and/or CD holders. Many units also come with a set of locking computer drawers, allowing an individual to keep their personal paperwork and equipment out of the way. Most come with a detachable keyboard shelf, which makes it easy to access your keyboard. Some even have an entire compartment with shelving for storing CDs and other files. For added safety, most come with a pull-out keyboard tray.


Modern Workstation Desk with drawer

Modern Workstation Desk with drawer RD-6230

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