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4 Person Partition RD-1633

Item No.: RD-1633

Creative space unlization, harmonious color matching,perfect function and stable structure, enjoy the multifunction and spatital coordination of the parition while you work. Increase work productiivity in a quiet space.

Material Description:

A.Partition:1.2mm thicknes aluminum alloy frame with wire box

B.Table top and mobile cabinet

1. Base material: E1 class Particle board/MDF. Which meet the standard of GB/T11718-2009 (E1).
have been treated to against moisture, insect, and corrosion.
With the feature of bending resistance, inflexible, water absorption etc.
Physical and chemical performance indicators reach national technology standards. mechanical property and nail force achieve national quality standards.

Material tested details:

GB/T 11718-2009 Medium density fiberboard
-density: 0.8g/ m³(standard scope: 0.65- 0.8 ±10%)
-moisture content: 6.2% ( standard scope: 3.0- 13.0%)
-modulus of rupture: 33.6Mpa ( standard scope: ≥23.0Mpa)
-internal bond strength: 0.57Mpa ( standard scope: ≥0.4Mpa)
-Thickness swelling rate: 9.1% ( standard scope: ≤10%)

2. Surface:
(a)High quality melamine surface, which meet the standard of GB 18580- 2001
-formaldehyde emission: 4.0mg/ 100g ( standard scope: ≤ 9mg/ 100g )
(b)2mm PVC banding edge, all tests meet the standard of QB 4463-2013.

3.Steel powder coated frame with cable tary.

3. Desk includes:
(1) Partition wall
(2)Table top
(3)Mobile cabinet

4.Material thickness description:
Partition wall:old 45mm design
Desktop: thickness 25mm
Others 16mm thickness

5.Reference dimension:
W2400* D2400* H750-1100mm   
W3200* D2400* H750-1100mm
or customized dimension         

Advance:The base material is E1 class MDF, except finished the process to against moisture, insect, and corrosion. The performance of formaldehyde emission, density, moisture content, internal bond strength, modulus of rupture... all have been passed the subject tests and meet required standard.

The melamine surface has the feature of scratch resistant, stain resistant.




There are quite a number of office cabinet manufacturers. Some of these companies specialize in particular designs while there are those that make cabinets for all purposes. When you go shopping for one, it is important to consider the kind of features that you need and to determine the price that you are willing to pay. You will find that the price of the cabinet that you will buy is directly proportional to the features that you have.

Among the features that you can choose from when buying office cabinets are the shelves, drawers, locks, filing cabinets, etc. The price of the cabinet depends on the type of office that you are buying. If you are looking for a simple office, then the price will obviously be low.

The quality of the office cabinet also plays an important role in determining its price. Most furniture stores stock office furniture that comes in standard sizes. However, there are also those who have specially designed furniture that will fit your office perfectly. You will also find that they come with adjustable drawers, racks and other equipment that can help you organize your files and other items. They may also come with doors with locking systems so that you will be able to keep your office clean.

If you wish to purchase office cabinets made from good materials, then you will have to spend more. When buying, always check for the warranty. This will ensure you that you will get the value of your money since the cabinet should last for a long period of time. However, it is also important to note that not all manufacturers offer the same terms and conditions. It is therefore advisable that you do a little bit of research before making a purchase. Try to find out if the company offers free shipping or give discounts to customers who buy in bulk.

When looking for office cabinets, always consider the aesthetics. Office furniture should enhance the look of your office and not make it look boring. You must also think about how you intend to use the cabinet. Do you plan to use it just to store important documents? Would you like the cabinet to serve as an extra space for your computer desk?

Lastly, you should choose a cabinet that suits your office environment. Make sure that you get one that will meet all the needs of your office. Do not choose one that is too big or too small since this will only make it difficult for you to keep everything in order. Always remember that if you are spending money on office furniture, you deserve the best.



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