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Movable Training Desk for Sale FC-6016-2

Item No.: FC-6016-2

Movable Training Desk for Sale 




- E1 rated chipboard/ MDF.

- Laminated with anti-scratch melamine.

- 2mm PVC edge.



High quality cold rolled steel with powder coating finishing. 


Material Testing:
Testing Object: Medium Density Fiberboard(MDF)
Test Standard: GB/T 11718-2009 Medium density fiberboard
Test Result:
-density: 0.8g/ m³ (standard scope: 0.65- 0.8 ±10%)
-moisture content: 6.2% ( standard scope: 3.0- 13.0%)
-modulus of rupture: 33.6Mpa ( standard scope: ≥23.0Mpa)
-internal bond strength: 0.57Mpa ( standard scope: ≥0.4Mpa)
-Thickness swelling rate: 9.1% ( standard scope: ≤10%)
GB 18580- 2001(E 1 )Formaldehyde emission of Indoor decorating
and refurbishing material
-formaldehyde emission: 4.0mg/ 100g ( standard scope: ≤ 9mg )
Product Dimension:
W1200* D450* H750mm/ customized.
Warranty: 5 years
Color: option

Project Furniture is Warmly Supported. 


Your portable reception desk is the centerpiece of your office’s ready room. As such, it’s essential to locate one that will make your company experience welcomed and make your receptionists sense blissful all day. Unsure of what to seem for in your new ready room desk? Read on to find out what you need to reflect onconsideration on and how to make the nice alternatives for your business.

What measurement portable reception desk must I buy?
The measurement of your portable reception desk will generally rely on the measurement of your ready room. If you have a small reception area, we advocate deciding on a compact ready room desk that’s designed with a small footprint to be used via one receptionist at a time. If you’re working with a large ready room, you must make use of the area by using equipping it with a large reception desk. Just as a giant reception desk will make a small ready room seem to be cramped, a small reception desk in a very giant ready room will make the room appear disproportioned.

Modular reception desks are perfect for most places of work as they can be made large or smaller to match your house as needed. We’ve designed our Compass series with this concept in mind, permitting you to configure a computing device that flawlessly matches your ready room no count how massive or small.

What form portable reception desk ought to I buy?
Reception desks come in a range of sizes, and you’ll choose to pick out one that first-rate fits the desires of your receptionists and your guests.

Single floor reception desks have a single writing floor for the receptionist or receptionists as nicely as a transaction counter for company to write on. These may also be straight or curved and come in a vary of sizes to go well with one or greater receptionists in your ready area. Smaller variations of this kind of reception desk are additionally in many instances used in eating places and different hospitality settings.

single floor reception desk
L-shaped reception desks encompass a essential desk and a return that grant the receptionist with extra area to work. Most L-shaped desks are small ample that they are pleasant used by way of a single receptionist at a time, although they do come in a vary of sizes to go well with distinct commercial enterprise needs.

l fashioned reception desk
U-shaped reception desks consist of a 0.33 work floor for receptionists to utilize. U-shaped reception desks can have a curve to them or have straight edges, and they can frequently be used by way of extra than one receptionist at a time in a giant ready room.

u formed portable reception desk
Round reception desks have a curved or round appearance. These kinds of reception desks are first-class perfect for large ready rooms the place they can be the middle of attention.

round reception desk
ADA reception desks are ADA compliant to accommodate humans in wheelchairs. Most ADA desks function a wellknown top transaction counter as properly as an connected ADA peak floor that measures about 33" high.

ADA reception desk
What kind of substances have to my portable reception desk be made of?
There’s lots to select from! These are the most famous options.

Although laminate can be made to seem like it has actual timber grains, it is simply made from some structure of particle board with or barring a timber grain print. Desks that have a laminate floor development are best for excessive visitors workplaces due to the fact laminate does no longer scratch or dent without problems and is commonly less difficult to hold and hold clean. Laminate is additionally an low cost option, making it a gorgeous desire for corporations on a tight budget.

laminate reception desk
Wood veneer is a appropriate in-between for these who favor that actual timber appear except paying the excessive fee of stable timber furniture. Veneer desks have a comparable base as laminate fixtures (such as particle board), however characteristic a skinny layer of actual timber on pinnacle of that. Veneer desks can be trickier to easy and care for than laminate, however the veneer layer affords a a great deal richer seem to be that many places of work prefer.

veneer reception desk
Although steel desks are reachable in all-metal varieties, most come with a wooden or glass pinnacle and simply have metallic framework for steadiness and industrial aesthetics. Metal desks are typically made of steel, although the gauge may also fluctuate and the desk may additionally come in both a chrome or powder lined finish.

metal portable reception desk
In the case of glass desks, the work floor is normally made of tempered glass that is thick to stop shattering. This is commonly complemented through steel framework. Glass is handy to clean, however it does exhibit fingerprints easily. If you don’t choose a full glass top, there are wooden pinnacle picks with a glass inlay available.


Movable Training Desk for Sale

Movable Training Desk for Sale FC-6016-2

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