L Shaped Cubicle Desk, Custom Executive Desk

Executive Office Desk BT-1903

Item No.: BT-1903

Modern melamine L shape office desk with hutch maked from a combination of solid color and wood grain color, the entire table presents a high-end luxury yet stylish. Simple shape, reasonable space and distinctive style reflect the pursuit of quality and fashion of the selector.

Material Description:

1. Base material: E1 class MDF. Which meet the standard of GB/T11718-2009 (E1).
have been treated to against moisture, insect, and corrosion.
With the feature of bending resistance, inflexible, water absorption etc.
Physical and chemical performance indicators reach national technology standards. mechanical property and nail force achieve national quality standards.
Material tested details:
GB/T 11718-2009 Medium density fiberboard
-density: 0.8g/ m³(standard scope: 0.65- 0.8 ±10%)
-moisture content: 6.2% ( standard scope: 3.0- 13.0%)
-modulus of rupture: 33.6Mpa ( standard scope: ≥23.0Mpa)
-internal bond strength: 0.57Mpa ( standard scope: ≥0.4Mpa)
-Thickness swelling rate: 9.1% ( standard scope: ≤10%)

2. Surface:
(1)High quality melamine surface, which meet the standard of GB 18580- 2001
-formaldehyde emission: 4.0mg/ 100g ( standard scope: ≤ 9mg/ 100g )
(2)2mm PVC banding edge, all tests meet the standard of QB 4463-2013.

3. Desk includes:
(1) Main desk
(2) Side desk
(3)Keyboard tary

4.Board thickness description:
Desktop and side legs: thickness 30mm
Cabinet top and shelves: thickness 25mm
Others 16mm thickness

5.Reference dimension:
W2000* D800* H750mm   
W2400* D1000* H750mm
W2800* D1100* H750mm    
or customized dimension         

Advance:The base material is E1 class MDF, except finished the process to against moisture, insect, and corrosion. The performance of formaldehyde emission, density, moisture content, internal bond strength, modulus of rupture... all have been passed the subject tests and meet required standard.

The melamine surface has the feature of scratch resistant, stain resistant




A manager office desk is the ultimate in corporate business furniture. It is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it provides essential functionalities for your business. A lot of times the office space in which you operate your business is small and space is an issue. Your desk should not only be functional, but it should also fit into the available space. With a manager desk, you will have everything you need for your office in one piece of furniture.

One piece of office furniture that really helps to maximize space in small offices is the corner desk. It provides a convenient spot for writing or reading business documents, conducting phone calls, or even putting on your own laptop. It is perfect for any small-to-medium sized office. There are many styles and designs of corner desks. You can get them in a simple wood finish, or you can have your desk designed with some of the latest and most popular computer add-ons.

The best part about a corner desk is that they are perfect for almost any office environment. They work great for both residential and commercial spaces. This type of office desk is not only sleek and attractive, but it is extremely functional as well. You can find corner desks in a variety of sizes and styles. You can get the simple basic wood design, or you can have your desk finished in the most contemporary style you can imagine. When it comes to choosing a corner desk, the possibilities are endless.


Having a manager office desk gives you a neat and organized space to conduct your business. You can easily store files and folders in the space, as well as have a place to write or read business documents. The space will not only make you more productive, but it will make your work space look more appealing and spacious as well. When your corner desk is stylish and practical, people will want to work in your office too.

Before you choose an office desk, you should first determine what you will be using your desk for. Although there are many different types of desks to choose from, not all desks are created equal. If you need an executive desk that can accommodate your computer and other office supplies, then you need to choose a desk with excellent design and quality craftsmanship. If you plan to use your desk as a writing desk, then you will probably want to choose a sturdy writing desk with high quality craftsmanship. Whether you are trying to decide which type of desk to purchase or which one to avoid, it is important to know exactly what you will be using the desk for.

There are many features available on an executive office desk, such as drawers, shelves, and more. You can choose a desk with the most functions and storage capabilities that you can afford. You can also choose a desk based on your personal taste and style. Some people love the feel of a solid oak desk, while others prefer a more modern and sleek design. Whatever your preferences are, it is possible to find an office desk that suits your needs perfectly.


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