How to use the chair lift properly

1.Do not adjust and rotate the chair lift frequently. Many people are sitting when lift chair, like to move to move, or rise and fall again and again. These practices are very dangerous, easy to cause the pressure bar uneven stress, a long time will be uneven wear pressure bar, the formation of hidden explosion.

2.Do not remove the lift, especially the air spring parts. If maintenance is needed, consult a professional. Some people think that the air inside the chair is dangerous, so they disassemble the air. The expert warns user, the self-disassembly lift chair that appears on the net undertakes deflate course, consumer must not imitate, lest appear dangerous.

3.Check and maintain the lift chair regularly. If the adjustment is not smooth or there are other abnormal phenomena, it is recommended to suspend the use and seek professional maintenance. All objects have a normal life. Check your chair every once in a while. If the lift cracks, becomes loose or wobbles, it should be repaired and replaced in a timely manner to avoid a tragedy.

4.When using the chair lift, do not often sit on the front edge of the chair, in order to avoid the chair by twisting force damage.



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