How to choose the right office chair

The chair lift exploded, causing serious injuries to users due to a large number of pieces of hard plastic, wood chips, sponges, cloth and sealing rings. So much risk lurks in a small chair lift. So how do you pick a chair lift?

1.When consumer is buying this kind of pneumatic lift chair, must choose the regular product that indicates manufacturer information. Do not covet cheapness to buy 3 have no product, otherwise not only quality cannot guarantee, also may have no door when occurrence problem right. When purchasing, consumers should pay attention to check whether the product has qualified certificate, registered trademark, manufacturer name and address, etc.

2.According to the personage inside course of study introduces, the lift chair that all regular manufacturer sells, can issue "examine a report", the air bar that has certain danger coefficient to air pressure lift chair, use steel qualitative material and the gas with very high purity to undertake manufacturing, and carry on strict seal to gas; On the upper end of the pressure bar, there is also a mark which has been verified by the relevant department of the state, and the manufacturer, the type of pressure bar and the prompt are written in English. Can appear commonly explosion circumstance, what lift chair USES is the inferior air rod that does not have regular manufacturer to produce.

3.When you buy the chair lift, you can check whether the chair or the packing case has the product qualification mark and the basis of conformity. As a result of general air pressure lift chair has qualitative guarantee period, when consumer is bought, should remember to ask for bill to the businessman, lest when safeguard one's rights, lack credential.

4.When buying, you can try to adjust the seat, to see if it is smooth, it is recommended to buy a well-adjusted chair lift.



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