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Office Worksation RD-6184

Office Worksation RD-6184

Item No.: RD-6184

Workstation is with the function of space saving, wide vision, independent and interactive. It helps to cooperating with each other in this space. Instead of the old divide and conquer working envirnment. It completely reflect the consensus in the work and interpersonal collaboration.

Material Description:

1. Base material: E1 class Particle board/MDF. Which meet the standard of GB/T11718-2009 (E1).
have been treated to against moisture, insect, and corrosion.
With the feature of bending resistance, inflexible, water absorption etc.
Physical and chemical performance indicators reach national technology standards. mechanical property and nail force achieve national quality standards.

Material tested details:
GB/T 11718-2009 Medium density fiberboard
-density: 0.8g/ m³(standard scope: 0.65- 0.8 ±10%)
-moisture content: 6.2% ( standard scope: 3.0- 13.0%)
-modulus of rupture: 33.6Mpa ( standard scope: ≥23.0Mpa)
-internal bond strength: 0.57Mpa ( standard scope: ≥0.4Mpa)
-Thickness swelling rate: 9.1% ( standard scope: ≤10%)

2. Surface:
(1) High quality melamine surface, which meet the standard of GB 18580- 2001
-formaldehyde emission: 4.0mg/ 100g ( standard scope: ≤ 9mg/ 100g )
(2) 2mm PVC banding edge, all tests meet the standard of QB 4463-2013.

3.Steel powder coated frame with cable tary.

4.Combination description:
(1)Desk screen: 9mm thickness melamine
(2)Desktop: thickness 25mm
(3)Metal frame
(4)Mobile cabinet

5.Reference dimension:
W2400* D2400* H750mm   
W2600* D2600* H750mm
W2800* D2800* H750mm    
or customized dimension         

Advance:The base material is E1 class MDF, except finished the process to against moisture, insect, and corrosion. The performance of formaldehyde emission, density, moisture content, internal bond strength, modulus of rupture... all have been passed the subject tests and meet required standard.

The melamine surface has the feature of scratch resistant, stain resistant.



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Office Worksation RD-6184

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