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High back mesh seat chair with adjustable armrest 801A

Item No.: SC801A

Technical  Specification

1.Material 1.Adjustable headrest,high back, seat with high density PU pure foam upholstered with high quality  mesh finishing.Abrasion resistance, flame retardant, anti - fouling treatment, easy to clean

2.Pu surface aluminum frame armrest,softness,comfort and strongly

3.Luxury butterfly chair chassis with synchronized tilting and lock founction .

4.Super quality adjustable gas lift.

5.Aluminum alloy base with caster

6. Can hold 250kg.

7.5 year guarantee


Packing details:

2PCS/Carton    98*70*54 cm


1.Knocked-down packing


2. Outer exported standard carton, inner PE foam, EPE cotton.



Can be choseBlack and all normal colors are available...

It is essential an office chair is to your productivity. It is the office chair that makes you comfortable while sitting at your desk. In today's high-tech office setting, it is very important for your chair to be well designed to give you comfort while seated at your desk and at your home office as well.


To get the best office chairs for your office, first you need to know how to shop wisely. Look for the best brands, such as the sturdiest ones on the market. You can browse and visit various websites online that provide information and details about the best office chairs that are available. You can also compare price, features and specifications among several online sellers. Sturdy ergonomic desk is constructed with human-friendly ergonomic structure that lasts long.


And most importantly, ergonomically designed sturdiest office chair with maximum comfort and support. Ergonomic office chair with headrest and back rest are best choices to keep your head at ease and relaxed while sitting on your chair for long hours. High back mesh seat cushion and steelcase gesture office chair with headrest and back rest are the most popular choices that you can find on the market today. These chairs have good sturdiness, durability, support and comfort. Adjustable lumbar support and adjustable headrest are other great features that you can also find in sturdiest high back office chair.


HON Exposure - HON chair is very much popular as one of the best office chairs. It is made up of durable steel frame, durable and padded seat pan and thick fabric upholstery. The HON chair has five D-rings that are arranged in a way that it can support your entire upper body. With its comfortable headrest, you will not be able to sleep properly. You can also adjust its armrest, backrest, seat and tilt settings.


Mesh Chairs - High-back chair and mesh chairs are best office chair options for people who spend more than 8 hours of work day. High-back chair with high Mesh technology is a great option for your office, as this chair offers great comfort and support for your back. Most of these mesh chairs are equipped with foam seat cushion to provide softness to your body. High-back mesh chair is designed with headrest that will support your neck and back. These chairs also offer high-tech mechanisms such as tilt, swivel, pre-set tension and other mechanisms that are helpful in making your work with them much easier.


Aluminum Frame - For your convenience, there are many aluminum frame office chairs available today in the market. These aluminum frame chairs have been used since decades to offer the best comfort and support to all types of users. Users feel comfortable while working with aluminum frame because of its heavy weight. Even if they spend several hours on these chairs, they do not feel any discomfort. Most of these aluminum frame office chairs come with aluminum frame innerspring as well as rubber padding to provide maximum support to your body.


High back mesh seat chair with adjustable armrest

High back mesh seat chair with adjustable armrest 801A

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