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Modern Relax Sofa FS-1955

Item No.: FS-1955


1. inner solid wood frame, which have been treated to prevent insect.

2. High density foamed sponge for seat and back, never deformation. 

3. Superior quality fabrice or PU leather finishing, stain-resistant, stain-resistant and easy to clean.

4. Each independent section can be combinated freely.


Adopt advanced leather and meticulously manufacture, every appearance has each distinctive glamour, it is really comfortable beautiful and superior taste. All kind color sofa can cater to different environment, bring endless comfort.


1.Back,seat with high density PU sponge upholstered with high quality Xipi /Genuine leather/ Fabric/finishing.

2.Wooden frame with springs inside

3.Stainless  frame legs

Combination: 4 single sets




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Modern Single sofa Chair FS 1956

Modern Relax Sofa

Modern Relax Sofa FS-1955


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