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6 Doors Office Filing Cabinet FC-1905

Item No.: FC-1905

The divide is reasonable and the storage is massive. The wooden door provides security and privacy. The open space and the glass door allow the cabinet to be visually enlarged, and some ornaments are placed to give a sense of decoration, showing the personality and taste of the office.

Metal handle, comfortable grip, not easy to rust, metallic luster, lasting as new. Buffer door hinges, silent opening and closing, gentle cushioning.

Material Description:

1.Base material: E1 class MDF. Which meet the standard of GB/T11718-2009 (E1).
have been treated to against moisture, insect, and corrosion.
With the feature of bending resistance, inflexible, water absorption etc.
Physical and chemical performance indicators reach national technology standards. mechanical property and nail force achieve national quality standards.
Material tested details:
GB/T 11718-2009 Medium density fiberboard
-formaldehyde emission: 4.0mg/ 100g ( standard scope: ≤ 9mg/ 100g )
-density: 0.8g/ m³(standard scope: 0.65- 0.8 ±10%)
-moisture content: 6.2% ( standard scope: 3.0- 13.0%)
-modulus of rupture: 33.6Mpa ( standard scope: ≥23.0Mpa)
-internal bond strength: 0.57Mpa ( standard scope: ≥0.4Mpa)
-Thickness swelling rate: 9.1% ( standard scope: ≤10%)

2.Surface treatment:
High quality 0.8mm thickness wood veneer with famous brand Huarun oil painting. Both are passed the standard requirement on GB/T 13010-2006 ( wood veneer) and GB18581-2009 (oil painting).

3.Accessories:Metal handle,Buffer door hinges

4.Size Reference dimension:
W3200* D400* H2000mm     
W2800* D400* H2000mm    
Or customized dimension



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6 Doors Office Filing Cabinet FC-1905

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