Office Furniture Case

What kind of office furniture sofa with fashion sense?

With the development of society, the office furniture sofa has also changed a lot, among which fashion is an important factor. It can be said that in the form of modern office and the changing trend of people's demand, office furniture has more expression in fashion, not only in the appearance style, but also in the function and material selection of furniture.
1. Fashion embodiment of function
Office furniture sofa is mainly for people's office use, so its function design is very important. Take the desk, for example, ordinary office furniture can not meet the needs of employees, so a screen desk is generated. It can not only provide employees with a private and independent space, but also the structure of the screen is fashionable and full, bringing people a good mood and working state.
2. Fashion embodiment of the structure
The traditional office furniture sofa is stable and fixed. Although it can provide stability for employees' offices, it has no characteristics. In the interpretation of modern office furniture, the structure of office furniture becomes flexible, which is a fashion performance. For example, now that there is a lift desk, the height of the desk can be automatically adjusted in the furniture structure to meet different work needs and meet the needs of different working groups. And office furniture can also be made into different shapes to meet different ways of placement, which is the fashion embodiment of office furniture in structure.
3.Fashion performance of materials
In the past, the available furniture materials were relatively single, and the effect basically showed did not change much. Modern office furniture can use more advanced materials, such as electrostatic powder spraying technology of steel office furniture, which can show a more fashionable effect. For the selection of materials, fashionable and diverse office furniture materials can make people have a better working mood.
In fact, many people have different views on what is a fashion office furniture sofa, but most people think that fashion furniture meets the needs of a new lifestyle or is popular. Although this view is not necessarily comprehensive, the understanding that pop culture is the core of fashion development is consistent. Every popular stage of fashion has new characteristics. With the progress of science and technology and the new understanding of culture, this stage is constantly changing. Fashion furniture is a kind of furniture form designed in accordance with the latest cultural concept of the times and the way highly praised by social life. This kind of furniture condenses the crystallization of the times culture and the latest scientific and technological achievements. It is to guide the furniture market The new furniture of market consumption trend, with perfect use function and market exchange conditions, is a kind of perceptual pursuit in line with the cultural spirit of the times, and also a healthy, positive and advancing design trend of thought in fashion life.
There are also some people who think that all works that are retro or have traditional elements cannot be called fashion. This view is not appropriate. In fact, in different historical periods, people will have an eternal attachment complex to tradition in their lives. This kind of sentiment is generally an innovation based on the new cultural stage and a sublimation of traditional culture. This kind of traditional form, which is full of new era flavor, will also form a new fashion trend and attract a considerable number of groups to praise it, so it is also a new fashion performance.

The main types of office furniture

According to the style of furniture, the main types of office furniture can be divided into modern furniture, European classical furniture, American furniture, Chinese classical furniture, neo-classical furniture.
European classical furniture has a rich cultural connotation, which is suitable for European classical style decoration. American furniture focuses on the simple atmosphere, free lines but also being clean and capable. Chinese classical furniture is of grace and elegance, craftsmanship, therefore appears fascinating, making office meeting room table furniture, and the like not only beautiful but also practical. Neo-classical furniture uses smooth lines and delicate carvings, that has a nostalgic and fashionable style image, which is not only loved by middle-aged and elderly people, but even a young man has begun to have a crush on it.
According to the materials used, the furniture is divided into solid wood furniture, panel furniture, software furniture, rattan furniture, bamboo furniture, metal furniture, and steel-wood furniture, which are broadly used as office furniture sofa, computer workstation desk and so on.
Aluminum is one of the non-ferrous metals in the metal category. Due to its wide application, aluminum profiles are widely used in office conference table furniture and meeting room table: screen skeletons, various hanging beams, table legs, decorative bars, handles, trunking, cover, seat tube, etc. and can be designed and used in ever-changing ways. They are introduced separately as follows. There are two commonly used aluminum profiles and die-cast aluminum alloys. Among them, aluminum ingots with a purity of more than 92% are the main raw materials. At the same time, metal elements such as carbon, magnesium, silicon, sulfur, etc. are added to increase strength, hardness, wear-resistance and other properties to form a variety of "alloys".
Non-ferrous metal parts refer to all metal parts except iron products such as aluminum, copper, zinc, stainless steel, etc. It has a feature that it is not easy to rust, and its strength is worse than that of ferrous metal. It is often used in office furniture sofa and office conference table furniture. Stainless steel parts are divided into two categories: 430 referring to stainless iron and 304 referring to stainless steel. One of the methods to identify them is to use a magnet test. The proportion of stainless steel parts is slightly higher than that of iron products, but the price is 4 times higher than that of iron products, therefore are only applied on high-end products like office furniture computer workstation desk. Copper products are divided into pure copper and copper alloys. Pure copper, also known as copper, has poor strength and hardness but good toughness. Copper alloy is mostly used in office meeting room table furniture, it is a zinc-based alloy copper. The price of pure copper is slightly higher than that of "304" stainless copper, which is 30% to 40%, while that of brass is 20% lower than that of pure copper. The copper alloy has a slightly higher hardness and strength than stainless copper, but it is easy to break and brittle. Copper pieces used in furniture are mainly handles and embedded screws and decorating parts. To prevent "rust", pure copper is generally used after electroplating, but brass is not required, and there are fewer products used in furniture in large areas.
Many of the furniture hardware products use castings, such as handles, door hinges, etc. In 2007, various casting production methods were popular in the market, such as precision casting, die casting, and casting. The casting materials are brass, stainless steel, zinc-tin alloy, and aluminum alloy. The parts are often surface-treated, such as plating, polishing, wire drawing, sandblasting, and oil spraying, according to different requirements.

The selection of office furniture

The selection of modern executive office furniture and manager office desk is very important, not only knowing the size of the office furniture factory but also considering the trade-offs from your own company. Through the years of sales of office furniture, we try to understand the true consumer demand for office furniture from the buyer, and recommend the following consumer buying office furniture skills.
Before buying, you should measure the size and area of your office, and then according to the company's culture, operation mode and business needs, think about the indoor floor layout, geomancy pattern, etc. Match the size of the furniture with the area and height of the office to prevent the office furniture from failing to meet the requirements after deployment. Office furniture l shaped cubicle desk, table and solid wood executive desk generally requires quality check to make sure that they are genuine and reliable. If it is pure wooden modern furniture, please note that its water content cannot exceed 12%. It is better to choose a tenon structure instead of a nail gun. Office furniture must be square, the diagonals must be consistent, the floor must be stable, hardware components should be firm, and doors and drawers should be flexible to open. The surface of the modern executive office furniture or manager office desk is made of leather must be flat, free of bubbles, cracks, and tight seams.
Longing for change is common consumer psychology of modern people, and so is the layout of the office and the purchase of office furniture. An office is beautifully decorated and luxurious, but this freshness and beauty will diminish over time. Therefore, the furniture in the office should not be placed too full. To allow room for adjusting the position of the furniture, it is recommended to choose office furniture that can be adjusted to facilitate future adjustment. Many office furniture factories and office furniture companies want to buy beautiful office furniture to cater to elegant and redeemable customers. Some of modern executive office furniture are more aesthetically pleasing than practical, making the office furniture less practical. As a buyer, good practicality is an essential standard.
What's more, the office furniture factory constantly introduces a variety of new products, especially modern office furniture that is loved by customers. If it is a favorite, it is a must-have for office furniture, such as large tables and conference tables. Office furniture l shaped cubicle desk, table, solid wood executive desk are all necessary products for office furniture, so it is necessary to grasp the economy principle and not buy extra office furniture.
Last but not least, when choosing office furniture, the overall style of the original office furniture should be considered. For example, modern style should be matched with modern style furniture, and neoclassical style should be matched with neoclassical design. Besides, there is a way of freely matching office furniture. Office furniture can be combined in multiple styles and used in conjunction with each other. It exerts the highest efficiency of the combination, not limited by space and time, catering to the desired freestyle. You should also consider adding or relocating it in the future, avoiding a shortage of parts, or combination problems, etc. Modern executive office furniture can solve these shortcomings and can be arbitrarily matched to meet the needs of the company's office.

The maintenance of office furniture

The reception rooms of many companies will be equipped with certain cloth furniture, which can make the customers feel a sense of intimacy. The fabrics used by this cloth furniture are mostly soft and comfortable types, which are easy to get dirty and damaged, and need special attention to their cleaning problems during maintenance. For products made of imported fabrics that have been protected from dust and dirt, they only need to be wiped with a clean wet towel to clean them. For those products that are particularly dirty and fragile, it is best to send them to a professional cleaning store or turn to office furniture workstation manufacturers and modular furniture manufacturers for instructions to prevent deformation and prolong their service life.
The office furniture modular workstation furniture that uses electroplated and sandblasted glass is mostly coffee tables, seats and other products in employee lounges. The surface of this office furniture product is bright, and it is easy to see that handprint stains affect the aesthetics of the product surface coating. But these products are much easier to maintain than the categories above. Usually, you only need to avoid placing it in a damp environment. When cleaning, you can just wipe it with a dry cloth and it will be as bright as new. However, care must be taken when moving by not to hold the glass table.
Most of the solid wood office furniture modular workstation furniture are desks, office chairs, etc. Pay attention to the three aspects of cleaning, placement, and movement during maintenance. When cleaning, avoid scratches with sharps, steel wire brushes or hard brushes for stubborn stains. Use a soft cloth dipped in a strong cleaner to wipe. When placing it, you should also avoid direct sunlight as much as possible, because it will quickly oxidize the paint on the surface. Besides, be careful when moving to avoid bumping and damaging the painted surface.
Leather office furniture modular workstation furniture is mostly used in high-level leadership offices to demonstrate corporate taste. It has good softness and color and is easily damaged if it is not maintained properly. Pay attention to both placement and cleaning during maintenance. When placing, like wooden office furniture, direct sunlight should be avoided as much as possible. When cleaning, it should be wiped with a fine cloth and a small amount of water, and then wiped with a soft dry cloth, which is best to use for stubborn stains.
Some friends will ask office furniture workstation manufacturers or office modular furniture manufacturers, how to maintain our panel furniture to extend the service life better. On the one hand, the floor on which the board furniture is placed must be kept flat and the four legs must be balanced. If the panel furniture is placed in a state that is often shaken and unstable, it will inevitably cause the fastening parts to fall off and the adhesive part to crack, which will affect the use effect and reduce the life of the panel furniture. Also, if the soft floor makes the panel furniture unbalanced, do not use wooden boards or iron sheets to cushion the furniture legs. Because even if the balance is maintained, it will be difficult to apply uniform force, which will damage the internal structure of the panel furniture over time. The compensation method is to trim the ground, or spread it on the ground with a relatively large area of hard rubber boards so that the four-legged furniture of the board can land on the ground smoothly. On the other hand, it is necessary to maintain indoor humidity. Try not wet the panel furniture. The use of humidifiers should be limited to prevent furniture from being damaged by excessive humidity in spring and autumn. When cleaning furniture, use as little water as possible, and avoid using alkaline water. Use only a damp cloth with clean water, and then wipe it with a dry cloth.
As long as the above points are achieved, the panel furniture in your office will retain a bright and beautiful feeling for a long time.

What office furniture is best designed for a collaborative workspace?

The consumption of office modern conference furniture is mainly concentrated in four categories, that is, the purchase from enterprises, government, school and hotel respectively. However, the proportion of government procurement is not large enough, and in some links, it is not standardized.
The current problem of domestic office furniture is a lack of scientific marketing strategy. It is specifically reflected in the lack of long-term, stable and scientific strategic guidance on marketing issues such as marketing, market promotion, channel management, logistics distribution, after-sales service, and vendor relations.
In a collaborative workspace, office furniture design needs to follow some principles. Office furniture design is a design activity, so it must follow a general design principle "Practical, economical, beautiful”, which is a general criterion applicable to all designs. Office furniture design is a design that is different from other design types (such as architectural design, visual communication design). Therefore, the principle of office furniture design has its specificity. In summary, there are the following points. Firstly, guide the design of human-machine interface, scale, comfort, and pleasantness according to the requirements of ergonomics to avoid fatigue, tension, worry, accidents, and various reports of harm to the human body caused by improper design. Secondly, design office furniture oval conference table, chairs and other office furniture according to certain design ideas, reflecting the social and cultural nature. Thirdly, design according to various artistic design methods (such as the principle of morphological formation, the rules of form beauty, the principles of semiotics, etc.), systematic methods, and principles of merchandise. Office furniture complies with the requirements of mechanics, mechanical principles, materials science, and technology to guide the design of structures, movements, shapes and sizes of parts, and processing of parts. Avoid unreasonable designs.
Various contradictions in the design process of office furniture are inevitable, such as the contradiction between function and form (such as the result of the strength calculation of the cross-section of the part and the visual strength effect of the size), technology contradictions with art (such as abandoned appearance forms do not have existing and potential manufacturing technologies), contradictions between enterprises and society (such as the demand of rosewood and its manufacturers for precious tree species and social ecology) The contradiction between protection, product design and marketing (such as the difference between design strategy and marketing strategy), the contradiction between modern design ideals and the market (such as the aesthetic difference between designers and customers), and etc.
Based on this principle, office furniture believes: "There is no best design, only the most suitable design." For example, some shapes are simple but suitable for a large number of production, monotonous but have high practical value, poor durability but suitable for temporary use. However, considering some specific groups (such as low-income groups) and specific markets (such as relatively poor rural markets), evaluation of the design may be another matter. The core of office furniture design is creativity. The process of design is the process of creation. In a collaborative workspace, therefore, office furniture oval conference table and chairs are considered the best design.
Although the final reflection of office furniture design is office modern conference furniture, the problems encountered in the design process are multifaceted. Therefore, designers must approach design from a systematic and holistic perspective.

Applications for office furniture

Applications for office furniture are broad. Office furniture call center workstation is one of them. The reason that all sorts of office furniture like office furniture portable reception desk, custom executive desk, office furniture desk with hutch and so on are needed is that it is long-lasting and easy to maintain. Even if there is aging or damage, it is rather simple to renovate it. For example, one-third of the cost of furniture manufacturing is used for color and decoration procedures. Only by regularly removing dust can protect the finish of your furniture. In fact, even a thin layer of dust can actually form cracks on the surface of the furniture, eventually exposing the internal wood, making the wood more vulnerable to damage. You can use a soft rag (don't use wet) to gently wipe the furniture surface and remove the dust along the wood grain instead of slapping it into the air, which will bring them back to the furniture surface. It is necessary to avoid multi-purpose cleaners, which are not specifically designed for high-quality furniture finishes but are used on more durable surfaces such as plastic and enamel. It is very beneficial to use a newly invented special cloth to wipe the furniture, because they are specially designed for dust removal of furniture, and can collect dust and hair, not just push the dust away from the wood, because they will land back soon.
Liquid waxes are better than varnishes to some extent. They can create a protective layer on the surface of the office furniture portable reception desk, allowing the dust to slide instead of sticking, but its protection time is not as long as that of wax. The best protection for wooden furniture is to use high-quality waxes, which contain a small amount of paraffin and a large amount of palm wax. They are very hard and can be cut out of a small amount of wax (about 1/4 of a ball), placed on a piece of cloth, and kneaded back and forth until it is soft enough to be used for waxing. Then use small circles to rub the wax onto the wood surface. Remember, the harder the wax you use, the better it will protect your furniture. If you are waxing large pieces of furniture, make sure you take frequent breaks because waxing is not an easy task and keep it fresh in the meantime.
The custom office furniture executive desk is solid and durable, which is the most common in the office, especially products such as ideal cabinets, and it is an indispensable storage tool in the office. For office furniture desk with hutch, it can be wiped with a soft cloth, but avoid using rough, organic solvents (such as turpentine, degreasing oil) or wet cloths, which cause scars and rust.
Leather has a wide application in office furniture call center workstation, too because it has good heat resistance, humidity resistance, and ventilation characteristics. In addition, the natural weaving of the leather is relatively non-directional, and it is evenly stretchable regardless of lying and hanging. In addition, the dyeing of the leather is not easy to fade and has elegant color, excellent touch, and bright appearance, it has always been loved by consumers. How to maintain the attractive appearance of office furniture products? Weekday cleanliness is key. For general maintenance, just use a clean and soft cloth to wipe gently. If you want to clean up the dirt that has been used for a long time, the most ideal way is: first, use a neutral detergent (1% -3%) diluted with warm water to wipe it first, then wipe the cleaning solution with wrung water, and finally polish it with a dry cloth. After it is completely dry, use an appropriate amount of leather maintenance agent to wipe it evenly.
All in all, office furniture portable reception desk, custom executive desk with hutch and other applications are very common. It may need extra care for different types of office furniture.

Office furniture buying tips

When buying office furniture such as reclining executive office chair furniture or contemporary executive desks, the main thing is to see whether the surface of the board has defects such as scratches, indentations, blisters, peeling, and glue marks; whether the wood grain pattern is natural and smooth. For symmetrical furniture, more attention should be paid to the consistency and harmonious tone of the color and texture of the board, making people feel that the symmetrical plate is from one piece of material.
The quality of the production mainly depends on the quality of the cutting saw, the quality of the edge and surface decoration, and the quality of the port of the board. Generally speaking, the cutting technology of the board is within 0.01 millimeters per meter. After the board meets the precision requirements, the profile of the board is flat, the angle is good and the plate will not tilt. The side and surface decoration mainly depend on whether the glue on the decorative parts is uniform, whether the gap between the door and the drawer is too large, generally between 1mm and 2mm, and whether the door and drawer can be opened and pushed flexibly.
In hardware furniture like a melamine filing cabinet, the value of hardware accessories is 5%, but the operating comfort is 85%, which is enough to explain the powerful functions of hardware accessories in home life. Among them, hinges and slide rails are most frequently used in life, so they are even more important. Damping technology is widely used in the field of hinges and slides.
Formaldehyde, also known as formalin, is a toxic substance harmful to human health. If consumers open the door and drawer when purchasing, they can smell an irritating odor, cause eyes to cry or cause cough, etc., which means that the amount of formaldehyde released in furniture exceeds the standard requirements and should not be purchased. Otherwise, formaldehyde may be contained in the indoor air during use, especially when using air conditioners, which will affect physical health.
Office furniture like reclining executive and contemporary executive office desks furniture are generally available in 5 shades: black, gray, brown, dark red, and plain blue. Generally, different types of gray are used for office desks; black and brown are used for boss chairs and reception room tables and chairs; plain blue and dark red are mostly used as office chairs. Because, although blue is elegant and not blind, bright red is solemn and lively; black and brown have always given people a sense of dignity, and using them to decorate conference rooms will motivate you to focus. Generally speaking, the configuration of office colors should follow the principle of “difference in harmony makes beauty”.
Each color has its language, and it will send a certain psychological message to your colleagues and customers. For example, black gives people a sense of loneliness, but at the same time has a sense of noble and solemn; brown makes people feel old-fashioned, but different concentrations of brown not only do not lose the gloom of old age but also produce a bit of elegance; further, light purple with sky blue gives a quiet feeling; magenta with royal blue makes people feel bright; sauce purple with moon white looks elegant; pink with natural white conveys youthfulness; dark brown with light yellow can make you look more mature; light gray matching ink-black looks solemn; vermilion match black can attract each other's sight; dark green match with earth yellow is the most natural match; sea blue match light blue makes people feel solid; as for bright yellow match ink black, it can give people jumping beauty.
Before purchasing reclining executive office chair furniture and contemporary executive office desks furniture, you should measure the size of your office, and then according to the company's company culture, operating methods, and business needs, imagine the indoor flat structure and geomancy format, so that the size of the reclining executive office chair furniture and contemporary executive office desks furniture matches the area and height of the office, preventing office furniture from failing to meet demand after deployment. As an old saying goes, "put quality before quantity." Office furniture is not a consumable product. When buying, you should meet the "better lack" rule. If you cannot fill the office, you should purchase it according to the needs of the application.

Office furniture factory

Office furniture is divided into solid wood furniture, panel furniture, sticker panel furniture, melamine panel furniture, and mixed category furniture consisting of two or more of the above categories, all of which are produced or supplied by all sorts of office furniture factories, office furniture suppliers and office furniture wholesale. Solid wood office furniture production, that is, the surface of the board furniture made of particleboard or MDF is affixed with natural wood veneer, steel office furniture, and the furniture produced by this process is steel office furniture or leather-plate furniture. The advantage is that the surface is as beautiful as the solid steel office furniture with natural texture; the disadvantage is that it is slightly worse than the solid steel office furniture in terms of environmental protection performance.
The paper that is going to be treated with a special design is pasted on the surface of the board to make furniture. The furniture produced by this process is sticker leather board furniture. The advantage is that the furniture surface color and pattern can be controlled and the disadvantage is that the process quality is high. It is also easy to peel, and difficult to repair without damage.
The melamine process is to cover the surface of the board under high temperature and high pressure to cover the surface in melamine. After the board furniture is processed by this process, the surface is smooth, wear-resistant, heat-resistant, and fire-resistant, and the furniture can maintain its own material color, making it more common in office furniture sofa, chairs and tables. Nowadays, more and more office furniture wholesaler is offering office furniture in wood because office furniture factories have discovered more outstanding advantages of them.
The biggest advantage of natural wood furniture products like office furniture workstation appliances is the natural wood grain and the varied natural colors. Because natural wood is an organism that is constantly breathing, it must be placed in an environment with suitable temperature and humidity. At the same time, drinks, chemicals or overheated objects must be prevented from being placed on the surface to avoid damaging the natural color of the wood surface. If it is made of melamine board, when there is a lot of dirt, you can use diluted neutral detergent with warm water to wipe it first, and then wipe it with water. Remember to wipe off the remaining water stains with a soft dry cloth and wait for it to be completely cleaned. After that, use the maintenance wax to polish, then you are done. Only by paying attention to daily cleaning and maintenance can wooden furniture last forever.
With a little care, the wood can remain as new. For example, when using a table, use a mat as much as possible under a hot plate to prevent food soup from spilling, contamination or damaging the tabletop. Try to avoid furniture surfaces from contacting corrosive liquids, alcohol, nail polish, etc. An appropriate amount of solid antiseptic should be placed in closed furniture, etc. Also, finding the right office furniture wholesale or suppliers can solve problems too.

Office furniture industry in China

Nowadays, the domestic Internet is spreading rapidly. After the economic crisis, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises have seen the upgrade of the online sales era. More and more industries such as home appliances, education, office, coffee shop and information have joined in. Among them is office furniture. Here we analyze the current situation of e-commerce in China's office furniture conference & coffee table manufacturers.
First, the office furniture industry covers a large number of products and has a large demand, but it is not a bulk commodity. There are many types of products, ranging from dozens of types to hundreds of types. There are more than 100 types of products alone, not to mention a variety of models, so these factors have caused office furniture to be more difficult in network promotion and marketing, and the initial workload is relatively large. The competition between manufacturers and promotion platforms is extremely fierce. China has different models in different regions, and the gap is relatively large. For example, the coast started earlier and developed faster, and the mainland started late. Without a comprehensive promotion and sales strategy, it is difficult to integrate large markets across the country, resulting in a waste of resources.
Second, society lacks network marketing talents. Based on the analysis of graduates from colleges, universities, and undergraduates in 2007, they had no professional knowledge or work experience. Few people are enthusiastic about this industry. There are many, but most of them are disorganized, lack systematization, and are usually neglected in management. Internet marketing is in its infancy. These aspects still need to be improved by enterprises, and it is necessary to recruit some qualified personnel. Office furniture is mainly targeted at medium- and large-scale ordering of enterprises, institutions, and office sofa furniture manufacturers. Few people in this category have the habit of searching for information on the Internet. They are more inclined to the traditional shopping mode, unlike electronic products. Products such as jewelry and accessories targeted at the younger generation will not be as strenuous as office furniture, although competitive pressures also exist.
Third, in terms of distribution, when it comes to e-commerce good logistics follows through. If you want to do well in e-commerce, it is impossible without a good logistics service. For office furniture such as office furniture computer conference tables, logistics is even more important because the threshold for such products as office furniture is relatively low, there are many office furniture conference & coffee table manufacturers, and the market is mainly concentrated in the local area. To develop foreign customers, you must exert more effort in considering building factories and logistics providers. The establishment of a high-quality logistics team is very important for the distribution of goods.
In short, there is no difficult business in the world. Internet sales must be adhered to, and we must look farther, do what we should do, continue to innovate, and constantly adapt to the market. Only through innovation can we not be eliminated. I believe that China's office furniture industry and computer conference tables manufacturers can figure out its own set of promotions and sales strategies in the future.

Office furniture design trends

What environmental issues should be paid attention to in the process of purchasing office furniture when green is the theme?
Office furniture must be strictly implemented in accordance with four national standards containing mandatory provisions made by office table organiser before it can be purchased. The limits of harmful substances in Chinese wooden furniture and auxiliary materials are implemented in accordance with the following four national standards with compulsory provisions: GB18580-2001 "Limits of formaldehyde release in interior decoration materials man-made panels and their products", GB18581-2001 "Interior decoration and decoration Limit of Harmful Substances in Materials Fusion Wood Coatings ", GB18583-2001" Limits of Harmful Substances in Adhesives for Interior Decoration Materials ", GB18584-2001" Limits of Hazardous Substances in Wood Furniture for Interior Decoration Materials ". These provisions applies to all kinds of office furniture compact computer table and reception desk.
Generally, pure natural materials and non-toxic office furniture are not green office furniture according to office table organiser. The formaldehyde content is an important indicator for measuring the environmental protection of furniture. In 2007, the Chinese compulsory standard "Limit of formaldehyde release in interior decoration materials artificial boards and their products" stipulated that the formaldehyde release in furniture products should be less than or equal to 1.5 mg / L. It is mainly a restriction on environmentally harmful chemical components that may appear in furniture raw materials. Therefore, office furniture that does not meet the standards are harmful to the environment and the human body and should not be purchased.
There are various environmental protection certifications for Chinese office furniture, both domestic and international, and both national and local. Both environmental protection and quality certification make it difficult for buyers to distinguish. Office table organiser believe that when choosing furniture, you may wish to check the "test report" of the furniture, which is a valid document that can prove the environmental protection level of furniture products. In the test report, the material and formaldehyde content of the furniture will be marked. The country has a national standard for furniture testing (GB18584-2001), which specifies specific limits for hazardous substances. Consumers can request a test report and compare the national standard to determine whether the furniture is environmentally friendly.
Modern office furniture like office furniture compact computer table and reception desk not only requires high quality and practicality, but also aesthetic and service. They adopt advanced production equipment and technology from Italy and other countries and uses high-quality raw materials for processing and production.
Oftentimes, office furniture has a knowledgeable and experienced management team that has been in the industry for many years. It has a group of technical design and manufacturing personnel. It adopts ergonomics as the principle to carefully design office furniture with modern taste.
It is understood that China's office furniture has established a standardized management system and quality management system. To strengthen the supervision and management of product quality, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress in February 1993 passed the "Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China." Yu Xiusu, Secretary-General of the Beijing Furniture Industry Association, introduced that there are more than forty items in China's furniture quality testing standards. Before entering the market, furniture products including compact computer table, office furniture reception desk and so on must be tested for full performance and formaldehyde. Each product being tested has a corresponding test report, and product testing methods include sampling and inspection.
It is not enough to have national standards for product quality assurance to office table organiser. As a specific executor—from the perspective of each brand's merchants, product testing in strict accordance with national standards is also an important guarantee for ensuring high-quality products in the office furniture market.
As a marketplace, regardless of office furniture manufacturers or office furniture companies, merchants are required to issue a series of nationally prescribed standards, such as business licenses, tax registration certificates, and inspection reports. If a product is found to be of severe quality problems, the store will immediately terminate the sale of related brand products. Lastly, word-of-mouth effects are also a stimulus for businesses and will have a great role in regulating the market and strengthening corporate self-discipline.

The development of office furniture

Office furniture is a tool for office workers or work convenience in daily work and social activities. Since the reform and opening-up, China's furniture industry has achieved unprecedented development. As a branch of the furniture industry, China's office furniture industry has continuously updated its production technology, increased its variety, gradually formed professional production and continuously improved its management level.
In 1999, the output value of China's office furniture industry exceeded 50 billion yuan; in 2004, the output value of office furniture was 81 billion yuan; in 2005, the output value of office furniture was 98 billion yuan; in 2007, the output value of China's office furniture industry exceeded 100 billion, Office furniture including office furniture movable and office desks large conference table accounts for about 30% of the overall furniture. In 2007, the domestic market demand for wholesale office chairs furniture accounted for about 1/3 of the overall furniture market, with a market size of about 100 billion yuan. By 2015, this industry will reach a total output value of 2,430 billion yuan.
In recent years, the living standards of farmers, especially in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta, have even exceeded the living standards of urban residents. The vast market for furniture in the future must take into account wealthy farmers, whose demand for wholesale office chairs furniture will increase at a rate of 20% to 30% per year. According to a survey by the Guangdong Furniture Association, at least 80% of farmers in Guangdong have to buy all kinds of finished furniture like office furniture movable and large conference tables when they get married or build a house or set up a company.
This kind of change in farmers' purchase of office furniture mainly comes from the following reasons: Firstly, the improvement of farmers' cultural quality makes them more and more yearn for a culturally tasteful home-style environment. Secondly, after more than 20 years of rural reform, the rural household-based accounting model has become more complete. It is both a production unit and a consumer unit. It is necessary to purchase some necessary wholesale office chairs furniture to work at home to adapt to the changing times.
China's furniture industry has experienced the first period of rapid development, focusing on volume expansion. It was initially established a complete industrial system with complete categories and international standards. The products can meet the needs of people's lives and of the international market. In the next 5 to 10 years, in the context of the international wholesale office chairs furniture industry transfer, China's furniture industry will usher in the second period of rapid development. This period is not mainly an expansion in quantity, but an improvement in quality. After entering the 21st century, the Chinese government has proposed accelerating the pace of urbanization and small urbanization, comprehensively prospering the rural economy, and accelerating the process of urbanization to further stimulate the consumer market and expand the consumer sector. This measure by the state will further promote China's housing construction and thus will lead to the development of housing-related industries. The State Council has proposed housing industrialization according to social needs and development needs. This measure will promote the standardization, serialization, and industrialization of tens of thousands of products supporting housing. Due to the development of housing industrialization, housing has entered the market as a commodity, providing development space for various types of furniture and ancillary products.
Since joining the WTO, China's domestic furniture has begun to focus on the design and development of wholesale office chairs furniture and the development of the market. Professional office furniture companies have emerged one after another, and have grown rapidly, and are more suitable for the traditional Chinese concept. High quality and low price, durable. However, due to the lack of understanding of the office environment, employee privacy, ergonomics and other aspects in the early stages of historical issues, after continuous learning and progress, it gradually stepped up to the international pace.
As early as the early 1980s, foreign office furniture brands entered the Chinese market, but due to style, philosophy, price, and other reasons, most international brand furniture can only provide services to international companies and large local enterprises. Foreign brands pay more attention to the integration of the office environment in the furniture industry. The balance between freedom, privacy, function, and simplicity have always been the concept pursued in the international office environment. The earliest international brand furniture companies that entered China have unique features in the start-up office environment, multifunctional office furniture, and ergonomic chairs.
International brand office furniture movable and office desks large conference table has been in a leading position in the mid-to-high end market of the office industry. High-tech industries, securities finance, accounting lawyers and other industries that require a high office environment will be used.

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